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News & Updates
  • Gent Design Museum
    From 27th of November 2013 until the 2nd of March 2014 the Gaudi Chair will be presented as part of the ‘Gelinkt’ exhibit by the Design Museum...
    26 November 2013 // 0 Comments
  • London Business Design Center
    The Gaudi Chair is exhibited at the 3D Printshow London. This covers both an industry trade fair as well as a design exhibit. This is the second...
    26 November 2013 // 0 Comments
  • Everyone an artist exibit on 3D printing
    Our products are shown at The Kunstcentrum in Haarlem, The Netherlands, which is hosting an exhibit on 3D printing. It brings together mainly artists who create their...
    30 May 2013 // 0 Comments
  • Ultimaker 2
    On the 5th of April 2013 marks the start of an exiting exhibit in Amsterdam. Co-organized by my friends from Ground3d and the CNCPT13 Gallery, it will...
    30 March 2013 // 0 Comments
  • 3D printing exibit at the Museum for Gestaltung Zurich with the Gaudi Stool
    On February 5 opened in the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich under the name “In 3 Dimensions. Printing Objects” the traveling exhibition ‘Full Print3D. Printing Objects” that includes...
    27 February 2013 // 0 Comments
  • Social Collaboration Platform
    We care about innovation, and the scientist, creatives and entrepreneurs that are working to push the boundaries. Research shows that creativity and innovation grow in an environment...
    17 December 2012 // 0 Comments
  • Open Design Meetup #4
    9th of May, we’re hosting our 4th meetup for everyone who’s interested in open-design. Again we have two great speakers on stage; Joris van Tubergen and José...
    05 April 2012 // 0 Comments